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About Our Firm

If you are in the middle of a divorce or any family law dispute, really, it is not uncommon to feel as if you have completely lost control of your life. At The Waldrop Firm, P.C., in Germantown, we help our clients regain a sense of control. Our family law clients in Tennessee and Mississippi are able to resolve disputes and move forward with their life.

We also help individuals in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas protect their rights when insurance companies are acting in bad faith by undervaluing or wrongly denying property loss claims.

Lastly, we help Tennessee residents protect their loved ones and plan ahead by creating comprehensive estate plans or updating existing plans that no longer achieve an individual’s wishes regarding distribution of assets or end-of-life health care measures.

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The Experienced, Compassionate Guidance You Need

Attorney David M. Waldrop has practiced law since 1988. He understands the emotional toll of divorce and is empathetic to those going through it. He serves as a trustworthy partner who will help you build a new life. But David will not try to make decisions for you. He prefers to provide his clients with the complete information, options and possible outcomes in order to include their input in the important decisions that will shape their lives.

By educating clients as to what they can expect and how the legal process works, we help them be prepared for trial or any alternatives. “I tell my clients they are the admiral of their case, and I’m the captain,” David says. “You tell me what you want to achieve, and I’ll steer the ship in that direction.”

Whether we represent you in a family law matter or with estate planning, we are always conscious of containing costs. In fact, we speak frankly with our clients when the cost of litigating needs to be weighed against the value of doing so. Cases involving insurance disputes are taken on a hybrid contingency and hourly rate basis.

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You no doubt have a number of questions. We invite you to meet with an experienced lawyer who will take the time to provide the answers and recommend an effective course of action. Call 901-410-1118 or use our online contact form to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.