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Tactics to keep dads from exercising their parental rights

Whether you are married or single, if you are a man who has split up with the mother of your children, your parental rights might be in jeopardy.

This can be through no fault of your own. Contested divorces and custody battles get down and dirty, and it's not uncommon for the kids' mother to make false allegations against the father to gain the upper hand.

Would bird's nest custody work for your family?

Tennessee parents who are divorcing can run into roadblocks when it comes to the custody of their children. This is typically one of the most contentious issues that divorcing spouses face.

Sometimes settling custody matters requires brainstorming for some original solutions. One of those could wind up being bird's nest parenting.

Restraining and protective orders in Tennessee

Divorce is not an easy thing to go through, and this can worsen when you are a survivor of domestic violence. Tennessee laws can help protect you from your abusive spouse and may impact certain areas of your divorce. Tennessee offers many reasons of how the court can base a divorce. No-fault grounds require little proof; however, fault grounds require the filing spouse to prove that grounds exist. The appropriate grounds in a domestic violence case are circumstantial.

Although a court order does not guarantee the abuser will stop trying to hurt the victim, it permits the victim to call the police and have the abuser arrested for violating the order. Before learning about how this will affect your divorce case, you'll want to know the basics of an order of protection and restraining order.

The custody rights of an unmarried father in Tennessee

If you are an unmarried father separated from the mother of your children, it is likely that you will be concerned about whether you have the legal right to visit your children and have custody of them.

As an unmarried father, it can often feel as though the odds are stacked against you, and that the mother has an unfair child custody advantage. However, it is important to note that custody courts cannot make decisions based on a parent's gender. Instead, they must create a ruling that works in the best interests of the child. Unfortunately, unmarried fathers may still face some hurdles if there are disputes surrounding paternity.

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