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In Tennessee, parties can either file for an uncontested divorce based on irreconcilable differences or file a contested divorce. A contested divorce requires proof of grounds, which may include adultery, inappropriate marital conduct (formerly called cruel and inhumane treatment) conviction of a felony, habitual alcohol or drug abuse, impotence or sterility, bigamy, abandonment or other reasons. The grounds must be supported by one witness.

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In order to file for divorce in Tennessee, the individual who files must be a resident of the state at the time the grounds for the divorce took place. If the grounds took place outside of Tennessee, one of the spouses must be a resident of Tennessee for six months prior to filing.

Tennessee couples divorcing on the basis of irreconcilable differences with a child under 18 must wait a minimum of 90 days from the day the divorce complaint is filed and if no minor children, there is as 60-day waiting period.

Filing for divorce on terms of irreconcilable differences requires the parties agree on all of the issues that must be resolved, including custody, parenting time, child support, alimony, and the division of property and debt.

An Experienced Lawyer Who Will Protect Your Interests

Whether you and your spouse expect to be able to agree to terms of your divorce without litigating, or you feel litigation is likely, it is important to enlist the services of an experienced Tennessee family law attorney who will protect your interests. At The Waldrop Firm, P.C., in Germantown, attorney David M. Waldrop has advocated for individuals in family law matters in Tennessee and Mississippi for more than three decades.

We strive to help our clients resolve all issues without the need to litigate. Not only is this generally the most cost-efficient means of getting divorced, but it also eliminates much of the stress and the emotional toll on all parties involved, including young children.

Resolving disputes through negotiation or mediation also allows the individuals involved to retain more control over the look and feel of their post-divorce life. I prepare every case as if it will go to trial, and I advocate aggressively in court for my clients when a fair agreement cannot be reached.

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