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Assisting Parents Facing Relocation Disputes


When a parent has a job offer in another state, it may seem like the most natural thing to do is to pack up the kids and make the move. However, when living under a court-ordered custody arrangement, such a move is not so easy.

The Waldrop Firm, P.C., understands complicated relocation issues, whether you are seeking approval for your move or fighting your co-parent’s plans to leave town. Relocations are among the most difficult post-divorce modification problems brought before the courts in Memphis, Tennessee, and northern Mississippi. If you are facing this challenge, call 901-410-1118 to ensure you have quality legal representation.

Establishing Your Custodial Rights

The reasons divorced or unmarried parents seek relocating with the children are many, with remarriage, military service and employment topping the list. Each state has statutes protecting the best interests of the children when custody matters are in question. Understanding the law is essential to avoiding critical mistakes that could cost you precious custodial rights.

During complex relocation proceedings, courts will weigh many factors when determining a petition to move away from a parent with custody or visitation rights, including:

  • How far away is the move?
  • Is there a reasonable motivation for the move?
  • Will the move greatly benefit the child?
  • Will the move disrupt the remaining parent’s lawful access to the children?

The court will also carefully consider the objections of the remaining parent and the preference of a child who is old enough to understand the situation. Our lawyer can assist you in developing a plan for making a solid case.

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