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The changing nature of marriage and divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2022 | Divorce In Tennessee |

Thousands of Tennessee couples file for divorce every year. While it can be painful, sometimes dissolving a marriage is best for both spouses. Different expectations about marriage and divorce are changing how people approach both the beginnings and ends of their relationships.

Decreasing marriage and divorce rates

The divorce rate has decreased in recent years due to several factors. People are waiting to get married until they have established careers. They are not dealing with the financial stress that can be detrimental when a couple marries at a younger age.

Another factor in the decrease in divorce is that fewer people are getting married in the first place. Only half of the American population will become married compared to 72% sixty years ago. Younger people cite factors such as the desire for independence and watching their parents in unhappy relationships.

Cohabitation has also grown as an acceptable choice. Most couples who marry will live together for a few years before making a formal commitment. Many of the earlier generations’ relationships that might have resulted in divorce simply end with the cohabitating couple separating.

Age as a factor in marriage and divorce

While the overall divorce rate has fallen, family courts are seeing a growing number of marriages ending among middle-aged adults. Couples in their late fifties and early sixties are splitting after many years of marriage.

Experts suggest that increasing longevity is a factor in this decision. As the couple approaches retirement age, they see another twenty to thirty years of active life ahead of them. If the spouses are dissatisfied with the relationship, they may seek personal happiness rather than maintaining the status quo.

Divorce is never an easy decision at any stage of life. If you are thinking about ending your current relationship, take time to consider your hopes and needs as you move forward.

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