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January 2019 Archives

The true costs of a Tennessee divorce

If you are considering going through a divorce in the state of Tennessee, you may be concerned about the costs associated with going through the process. A divorce can be an emotionally draining process, but it could also drain you of your finances, and this may be a sacrifice that you are reluctant to make.

Can my child make their own custody decisions?

If you have a child, you will know that they are often very opinionated regarding their preferences, and they tend to become increasingly so as they grow older. While these preferences might center on what they like to eat and when they like to sleep as young children, they may gain opinions about which parent they would like to spend more time with earlier than expected.

How to deal with a co-parent who is being uncooperative

If you are a single father (after a split with your partner), it is likely that you are doing what you can to give your child the best possible upbringing, despite the fact that you are no longer with their mother. It can be difficult to maintain a good co-parenting relationship with the other parent, and minor disagreements are bound to arise from time to time. However, if the mother of your child is being uncooperative and is affecting the way that you bond with your child, it might be time to think about taking action.

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