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Working towards a positive divorce outcome

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2022 | Divorce In Tennessee |

Divorce proceedings could be stressful and unhappy for people whose marriage ends. How much trouble and anxiety spouses face depends on whether the divorce moves along to its conclusion smoothly or things become complicated and contentious. Still, even when disagreements exist between the parties, a Tennessee divorce case could reach an agreeable ending and does not involve excessive conflict.

Working towards a good divorce

A good divorce could fit the description of proceedings where the parties work out their differences, if any. Some divorce cases might not involve disagreements, as the parties might affirm specific decisions about asset distribution, child custody, alimony, and other matters. There may be some areas where the parties may be apart, but those things could be worked out during amicable settlement talks.

If the parties cannot agree, options exist to conclude negotiations. Mediation might lead to a desirable outcome that both spouses find acceptable.

Also, rushing to conclude the proceedings could undermine steps in a positive direction. A good divorce may require the proper time to reach its final stage.

Avoiding problematic behavior

When conflict arises during the divorce proceedings, things might become challenging. One spouse might become self-centered and spiteful. Controlling someone else’s behavior might be impossible, so a more level-headed spouse could focus on things within control. If one spouse doesn’t agree to a specific support amount, the other spouse could provide documentary evidence justifying the amount. Hopefully, the more belligerent spouse might realize negotiating in good faith would be preferable to spending time and money in court.

Both spouses must understand that a judge must sign off on any divorce settlement agreement. So, it might be advisable to put together a fair and reasonable deal that lacks controversy.

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