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Understanding Tennessee divorce laws

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2020 | Divorce In Tennessee |

The Tennessee divorce process has never been easy because of tough decisions that courts have to make in some cases. For instance, in cases where children and property are involved, issuing a divorce become a rigorous process that may take time.

Also, the law allows Tennessee residents to file for no-fault based divorce in which you are not supposed to prove any grounds of seeking a divorce.

Here at The Waldrop Firm P.C, we understand the state laws on divorce. Therefore, we can break the process down for you and represent you in court. We take 30 minutes long free consultation to ensure we get to understand the details specific to your case. But what are the requirements of divorce?

According to Findlaw, there are prerequisites for filing a divorce in Tennessee. Let us find out what they are;

  • Residency requirements state that the defendant must have lived in the state within six months before filing the divorce. For military personnel, it is 1 year before submitting the divorce papers.
  • If the defendant committed the acts while he or she was a Tennessee resident, and now they are not, residency requirements do not apply.
  • You cite irreconcilable differences if you have lived separately for 2 years and have no children.
  • You can file for a fault-based divorce if you can provide sufficient proof to that effect.

Before filing for divorce, you should acquaint yourself with these laws. The divorce process may be a bit complicated, but with the right procedure, the court will grant it to you. State laws cannot force you to stay in a marriage that cannot work.

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