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Why do I need an attorney for an agreed Tennessee divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2018 | Divorce In Tennessee, Firm News |

Here in Tennessee, an agreed divorce can be filed if both spouses have reached an accord on the terms and other applicable conditions are met. These divorces typically are faster and simpler and can save both spouses money.

But they are not for everyone, as many couples will not qualify. Even for those who do, it is never a good idea to get divorced without having a Germantown family law attorney review the terms to which you’ve agreed.

There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is the upcoming tax changes to spousal support. However, you can retain your attorney to review your agreed divorce before signing and still file it yourselves.

Who qualifies to file an agreed divorce?

As well as being in complete agreement on its terms, spouses may file agreed divorces in Tennessee if:

  • Both parties want a divorce.
  • At least one spouse was a Tennessee resident for no fewer than six months or both spouses lived in Tennessee prior to the divorce.
  • You have no minor or disabled children or kids still in high school who were born from the relationship or adopted during the marriage.
  • Neither spouse is pregnant.
  • You don’t jointly own land, businesses or buildings.
  • There are no retirement benefits involved.

Sometimes, a divorce may initially appear to be contested. The parties may lock horns on key issues like child custody or division of assets. Over time, however, the acrimony may fade as both parties move toward resolution. At some point, you both may discover that you are on track for filing an agreed divorce.

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