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Why Are More Older People Getting Divorced?

On Behalf of | May 14, 2023 | Divorce In Tennessee |

Unfortunately, divorce is extremely common in Tennessee and most other parts of the country. Divorce isn’t only something that affects young couples, either. Older couples also choose to divorce. This is sometimes called “gray divorce” and there are many factors that lead up to it.

Causes Of Gray Divorce

According to statistics, the rate of gray divorce has doubled in recent decades. The divorce rate for older Americans has been increasing while the divorce rate for younger couples has decreased. Although it’s hard to pinpoint one exact cause, many different factors probably play a role. These include:

  • changing cultural norms regarding the taboo of divorce
  • longer life expectancies
  • more social and physical mobility
  • more economic independence for women
  • technology makes finding new partners easier
  • less tolerance for abusive or toxic relationships

Factors For Older Divorced Couples

Older divorce may also have different consequences than divorce would for younger couples. Factors that can play a role can include:

  • pensions and retirement plans
  • home ownership
  • employer health insurance
  • life insurance policies
  • alimony
  • wills and estate planning
  • lack of employment or career options for older people
  • Medicare and other government benefits

Many of these issues can be quite complicated and have to be hashed out during the divorce. Gray divorce may also result in a larger division of assets favoring a specific spouse. This is because it’s expected that most people will have fewer options for obtaining assets and income streams later in life than they would if they were young. As a result, gray divorce proceedings can be very high stakes regarding the division of assets, income and property.

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