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The most common and outlandish reasons for divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2020 | Divorce In Mississippi, Divorce In Tennessee |

The decision to seek a divorce, whether the couple is from Tennessee or Mississippi or some other state, comes about for many reasons. High-profile cases or those in the movies often revolve around infidelity and other salacious acts. 

In reality, a divorce stems from a variety of reasons, some fairly common and others somewhat unusual. 

The most common reasons 

Any list of reasons for divorce is enough to show that marriage and people remain complicated. An article in Psychology Today listed the following as among the most common reasons for divorce: 

  • Lack of compatibility 
  • Irreconcilable differences 
  • Money issues 
  • Lack of intimacy 
  • Infidelity 
  • Communication issues 

The disintegration of any marriage involves a complicated story concerning complex individuals. Just as importantly, people change over the years. Compatibility issues might involve differences in religious beliefs or even changing political views. Communication issues run the gamut from serious and frequent arguments to honesty concerns to failing to address important matters. 

The most outlandish reasons

According to information compiled by Reader’s Digest, people divorce for strange reasons, too. One California woman divorced her husband because she won $1.3 million in the lottery.  She wanted to keep all the money to herself, but a court awarded all of the money to her ex-husband because she violated state disclosure laws. A young man divorced his wife of only a few days after he saw her without make-up; the man claimed his wife engaged in deception while wearing make-up. 

A woman filed for divorce because her husband was “too nice.” He said “I love you” too much and he cooked so well she gained weight. 

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