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How can you facilitate a positive visitation exchange?

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2020 | Child Custody And Visitation |

Sharing custody of your children with your former spouse in Tennessee may present unique challenges. Regardless of the reasons that ultimately ended your relationship, chances are your ex is still an honorable and devoted parent. 

Allowing your children to develop a healthy relationship with your ex may provide your children with the needed stability to grow despite the changes to their family. Your understanding of how you can make custody exchanges a positive experience may enable you to facilitate a beneficial result for everyone involved. 

Paying attention to your behavior 

Your demeanor and outlook on sharing custody may influence how comfortable your children are transitioning between you and your ex. If you exhibit emotions such as anxiety, frustration, anger or apprehension, your children may pick up on your cues and mirror your behavior. When you and your children are uptight or hesitant, the entire experience may become stressful and dreadful. 

Provide your children with a consistent and reliable schedule so they know when custody exchanges will occur. Remind them of visitation so they can prepare. Put your negative feelings about your ex aside, and ask your children questions about what they look forward to when they visit their other parent. This approach may help them feel more comfortable in anticipation of their visit because they know that you have expressed excitement for them. 

Practicing acceptance and flexibility 

According to, if you anticipate an exchange going poorly or feel concerned about emotions running high, consider meeting in a public place. The presence of other people may diffuse tension and help both you and your ex to remain focused on the well-being of your children. You will also benefit from practicing flexibility and realizing that sometimes schedules require modification with minimal notice. The more you are able to respect and accept your ex as a trustworthy parent, you may facilitate more positive custody exchanges. 

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