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Alcohol use and custody disputes

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2019 | Child Custody And Visitation |

When it comes to divorce matters, child custody issues are often one of the most challenging facets of the entire divorce process. Parents often worry about what will happen to their child, as well as their relationship with their child (or multiple kids). The custody process can be complicated and emotionally intense, and parents may have all sorts of different questions during this time. Moreover, there are all sorts of different factors that can come into play which impact parents during a custody dispute and help courts determine how to award child custody. In some cases, excessive alcohol use may have an impact on the outcome of a custody dispute.

If you regularly drink alcohol, even moderately, your ex may try to use this against you in the courtroom. They may lie about you on social media or claim that you are an alcoholic. Unfortunately, even if these claims are completely fabricated, they may adversely affect a parent’s ability to secure custody. On the other hand, you might have concerns about your former spouse’s ability to raise your child in a healthy environment because they drink to excess. They may frequently be drunk when you contact them, and you may notice concerning posts on their social media. This may also need to be brought up in court.

Our law office knows how complex child custody cases can be, and we also know that some parents are framed and made to look irresponsible even though such allegations are baseless. It is pivotal for you to review all of your options regarding custody and other family law issues.

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