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How child relocation is evaluated in Tennessee

On Behalf of | May 2, 2019 | Child Custody And Visitation, Firm News |

At certain times in a person’s life, relocation is necessary or preferable. If you are planning to relocate with your child, you will need to consult the other parent before doing so. This should be done formally and in accordance with Tennessee law.

It is vital that you understand the laws that are in place regarding child relocation in Tennessee. If you do not give notice to the other parent in the correct way, it is likely that you will face negative consequences.

Giving notice of child relocation

In Tennessee, you have the obligation to give notice of child relocation if you are moving more than 100 miles away from your original location. If this is the case, you must give notice of the move a minimum of 60 days prior.

The notice should consist of a clear statement announcing your intention to move. You should provide details of your future address as well as the reasons why you are intending to move. For example, you may be doing so to pursue new employment, or to be closer to family. You will also need to state that the other parent may object to the relocation within 30 days.

What happens if the other parent objects to the move?

If the other parent objects to the move, the court will need to consider the case. They will take into account whether the change in location will benefit the child in some way — not the parent.

It is important that you always comply with the law when planning to relocate your child. Make sure that you are proactive in order to maximize your chances of success.

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