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What are my visitation rights as a Tennessee father?

Fathers naturally want to spend time with their children and watch them grow up. This is a basic desire, and in most circumstances, a right. Unfortunately, however, so many fathers in Tennessee struggle to gain visitation arrangements that they are satisfied with. This can be because the other parent aggressively defends the custodial arrangement already in place. Fathers can often become further discouraged because they get the impression that the law is against them.It is important to remember that child custody courts act simply within the best interests of the child. They never seek to advocate for one parent over the other, but instead, they make many considerations based on the specifics of the case. If you want to ensure that you are successful in getting the visitation rights that you believe is just and fair, it is important to understand the key components required in order to make this possible.In order to enforce your paternal rights, you must establish paternity

Who can advocate for me as a father seeking custody?

Many studies have shown that children do best in life when they have strong bonds with both of their parents. This knowledge has influenced legal policies across the United States for optimal child custody rulings. However, there is still a long way to go, and fathers feel frustrated because they are not automatically given the same rights as mothers in many situations.

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