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Addressing false financial disclosures in alimony cases

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2024 | Divorce In Tennessee |

Determining alimony payments during divorce proceedings relies heavily on the accurate disclosure of financial resources. If you suspect that your ex-spouse is lying about their financial resources, you can take decisive steps to protect your rights. It is helpful to understand the steps that can help you address false financial disclosures.

Gather evidence

Start by gathering evidence that supports your suspicions of false financial disclosures. It may include bank statements, tax returns, pay stubs, and any other documents that demonstrate your ex-spouse’s true financial situation.

Detailed documentation can strengthen your case and reveal discrepancies. Consistent and thorough record-keeping is essential for proving false financial disclosures. 

Request financial discovery 

You can request financial discovery through several methods. It can include interrogatories (written questions), requests for the production of documents, and depositions. Understanding Tennessee divorce law can help you navigate these requests effectively. 

Seek court intervention 

If negotiations fail to resolve the issue, you can file a motion to compel your ex-spouse. Courts take false financial disclosures seriously and may impose penalties if they find that your ex did lie about their resources while trying to determine the alimony amount

Present evidence in court

During alimony hearings or trials, present the evidence to support your claims of false financial disclosures. Your attorney can argue for a fair and equitable alimony based on accurate financial information. 

Dealing with an ex-spouse who lies about their resources requires diligence. You can protect your rights and pursue a fair alimony arrangement based on truthful financial disclosures. 

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