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Common Challenges Of Being A Single Father

On Behalf of | May 1, 2023 | Father's Rights |

Single fathers in Tennessee face many challenges and difficulties as they strive to be good parents. These are four common issues they face.

Child Support System Difficulties

Research shows that over 50% of parents who are supposed to pay child support fall below the poverty line due to unrealistic obligations. When the amounts single fathers must pay are too high to afford, it negatively affects them and their kids.

Inadequate Visitation

In many cases, single fathers do not have primary custody of kids. While some rules about custody and visitation exist to protect kids, they can also wind up reducing single fathers’ abilities to see them enough. However, it is important for fathers to remain in their kids’ lives.

Problems With Housing

Many single fathers who must pay child support or have other obligations do not have enough money to afford a large house. In some cases, they may only be able to afford a small apartment with one room. If this happens, it may make overnight visits less feasible.

Problems With Money

When parents separate, many fathers focus on providing a stable environment for the children and their mothers. This often means taking on extra expenses while still covering all or some of the expenses they covered when they lived with the other partner. Additionally, there may be new expenses associated with moving. For instance, if the couple previously shared a vehicle, they may now need a second one.

While single fathers are often denied the rights they deserve, there are advocates today who can help. It is important for all newly single fathers to learn about their rights and know how to protect them.

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