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A Co-parenting Schedule For Summer Vacation

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2023 | Child Custody And Visitation |

Children and their parents usually look forward to summertime as a time to relax and go on vacation. However, planning for the summer might be more complicated when Tennessee divorced parents have a custody schedule to follow. While the regular parenting schedule might work, adjustments might need to be made for the summer. You should plan to sit down early in the year with your co-parent to discuss and create a schedule for summer vacation.

Planning the summer co-parenting schedule

There are three key things you should keep in mind when planning your summer co-parenting schedule. First, cooperation between you and the other parent is best for your children. Second, remaining flexible during the conversation is important. You might not get everything you want and that is okay as your main focus should be to help your children enjoy the summer. Finally, communication should be open and honest so you can create a vacation co-parenting plan that meets all your needs. Remembering this might help you avoid additional custody issues and conflicts later.

What schedule is best?

The vacation co-parenting schedule that best fits will depend on the needs of the individual members of your family. Some of the schedules you might consider include:

  • A week with one parent then a week with the next parent, which can also be extended to two weeks with each parent
  • Two days with one parent, two days with the second parent and then back for three days with the first parent, with parents switching weeks so that each parent has a long weekend every other weekend
  • Spending the bulk of summer vacation with the non-custodial parent if they live far away from the custodial parent
  • Keeping the regular co-parenting schedule intact and then making time for each parent to have a vacation with the children

Establish a date for talking about the summer vacation co-parenting schedule with each other. This provides time for both of you to prepare and figure out what you each want for the summer and to be ready to negotiate so you can reach an agreement on what works best for the family.

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