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How to tell your kids you’re getting a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2022 | Divorce In Tennessee |

Tennessee couples who are ending their marriage might want to protect their children during such a trying time. However, it’s important for you and your spouse to tell your kids about the divorce. Here are tips on the best ways to do that.

Do it together

It is usually better to talk to the kids together about the upcoming divorce. It shows your children that even though you and their other parents are no longer going to be married, you are still a cohesive family unit.

Plan how you tell them

Planning what to tell your children ahead of time can make things easier for everyone. While you don’t want to sound like you’ve rehearsed a speech, plan what to say and let it come out naturally when you speak to the kids.

Reassure them with love

Children always need lots of love, especially during a time such as divorce. You should continuously reassure them that you both love them very much and will always be there for them regardless of your divorce. Explain that you will always be a team and work together as a family is meant to do.

You should also reassure your children that they are not to blame. Sadly, many kids somehow think they are the reason behind their parents splitting up.

Time it right

It’s important to be smart about timing when telling your children about the impending divorce. You should avoid telling them too soon but also avoid telling them too late. A week or two before one of you moves out of the home should be an appropriate time to talk to the kids. This gives them time to digest the situation, process their feelings and adjust.

Avoid lying

Never lie to your kids about your divorce. Be honest and don’t paint one another in a negative light.

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