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What do you know about the reasons for gray divorce?

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You and your current spouse want to retire in a couple of years, but you feel you want to retire from your marriage. Maybe you feel uncertain you have good reason to dissolve a marriage that lasted several decades.

Forbes explores common reasons older couples divorce. Learn why others in your shoes split from their long-term partners.

Drifting apart

As life changes and you change with it, you and your current spouse may feel more like strangers. Perhaps having all your adult children move out of the house made you realize they were the only thing keeping you and your partner together. No matter the reason, you may no longer feel connected or invested in your wife or husband.

Money matters

Maybe you hoped your spouse would get better with handling money the longer you were together, but things did not turn out that way. Constantly fighting about debt and irresponsible spending or having the same argument about money over and over again may have you at the end of your rope.

Longer life expectancy

Modern medicine lets us live longer, healthier lives. Thinking about your marriage and how many years you have left, you may feel you do not have to settle anymore, that you still have time to find someone with whom you feel compatible for this chapter of your life.


Rather than cheating on you, your current partner may have an addiction that feels like she or he cheats on you. Just as infidelity may destroy a marriage, the same applies to a compulsion to gamble, drink alcohol, use illicit substances or shop. If you feel the addiction takes priority over you and your marriage, you may want to file for divorce.

You do not have to feel obligated to remain in your marriage, no matter your age. Do what brings you peace of mind.


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