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How child-grandparent relationships can benefit the whole family

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2021 | Firm News |

As a grandparent in Tennessee, maintaining a close relationship with the little ones may be challenging if their parents divorced and your child doesn’t have full custody. Obtaining court-ordered visitation rights can help you keep the bond with your grandchildren while providing a loving, stable environment.

The Cleveland Clinic reports that the entire family can benefit from a close grandparent-child relationship. Grandparents tend to stay more active and alert. Parents often experience reduced stress levels when sharing the burden of child-rearing with the older, experienced generation. Grandchildren can benefit from the closeness in several ways.

Access to a different skillset

The world has changed since you were a small child. The skills you learned as a young person may no longer be common, such as woodworking, sewing or playing an instrument. These talents may pique a child’s interest, providing a bonding opportunity. As they grow and their skill increases, they may develop a closer relationship with you.

Promote happiness

Children smile instinctively at their grandparents, and time spent with you is often magical, whether you play dress-up or become their favorite tickle monster. Grandparents may shower young ones with affection, while parents are desperate for a shower and five minutes of “me time.” Even if you only see your grandchildren occasionally, your presence can make everyone happier.

Offer unconditional love

Handling work-related stress, finding time to spend with their children, cleaning and other routine duties is challenging for many parents. As a grandparent, you have more time and energy for the little ones. You can provide emotional support and give them your undivided attention, becoming a safe haven.

If you have a bond with your grandchild but can no longer spend time with them due to divorce and custody issues, understanding the law can help obtain grandparent visitation rights.