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Why an agreed divorce in Tennessee?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2020 | Divorce In Tennessee |

An agreed divorce ideally means that both parties concur with every aspect of the divorce. Several couples file for divorce, and they do not seem to agree on things such as property, child custody, etc.  However, if you agree with your spouse on critical matters, the divorce process becomes smooth.

According to the Office of the Circuit Court Clerk, agreed divorces are more straightforward because they do not involve a lot of paperwork. Also, you do not have to have a lawyer for an agreed divorce; however, it will not hurt if you consult one.

Also, an agreed divorce is a bit cheaper because you pay the required amounts when you are presenting your request for the divorce.

It is worth noting that an agreed divorce is not for everyone. For instance, you will not get a divorce if none of you is a Tennessee resident at the time of filing your request or six months before you begin the process.

If you have no children together with your partner, this packet is not suitable for you either. This requirement means your children must have been born or adopted when you had already married for you to be eligible.

Also, you can file for agreed divorce only if both of you have decided to separate, and neither spouse is pregnant as at that time. Besides, you should not have any co-owned property; if there is, you may sign an agreement on how you will divide it. You have to fulfill all these requirements before you can file for an agreed divorce.

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