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Dealing with depression alongside divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | Firm News |

Going through a divorce can have the potential to turn your life upside down because it can cause you to question all the assumptions that you previously made about your life. Before the divorce, you likely had a clear vision of how your future life would look. However, with divorce comes the end of a partnership, and this loss will essentially change the course of your life.

It can be difficult to comprehend these changes and to come to a place of acceptance. Just like any loss, you will need to take the time to grieve, and in doing so you will face many unpleasant emotions. Unfortunately, it is common for people going through a divorce to experience depressed emotions.

In many cases, this is a normal part of the emotional transition. However, if you believe that you are experiencing depression, it is vital that you seek support from a mental health professional, who will help you to get the care that you need. The following are some additional actions that you can take to help you get through these difficult times.

Be aware of your inner voice

We all have an inner voice. It’s the voice that helps us to make decisions about what to buy in the grocery store and the voice that tells us how we feel when we awake each morning. This voice can be a positive, uplifting one, or a degrading one. It’s important to be aware of your inner narrative because it will have a profound effect on the way that you feel. If you notice that your inner voice is extremely negative, it is important that you try to re-frame the narrative that you are telling yourself.

Actively seek interaction

Face to face conversations and a human touch can go a long way toward uplifting depressed feelings. Make an effort to see friends and have meaningful conversations, as this will help you to get the negative emotions off your chest.

Practice gratitude

There are so many positive things that will happen as a result of your divorce. Try making a list of simple things that you are happy for each day, whether it’s your hot morning coffee or the pleasure of watching the way the light changes at dusk.

If you are struggling through the divorce process, it is important that you understand how the law in Tennessee can help you to get an outcome you deserve.

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