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Tactics to keep dads from exercising their parental rights

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2018 | Father's Rights, Firm News |

Whether you are married or single, if you are a man who has split up with the mother of your children, your parental rights might be in jeopardy.

This can be through no fault of your own. Contested divorces and custody battles get down and dirty, and it’s not uncommon for the kids’ mother to make false allegations against the father to gain the upper hand.

Below are some accusations you could face in your fight to remain active in your children’s lives.

Sexual abuse allegations

The mere idea that you could have sexually abused your children is enough to make you a pariah to friends, family, employers and practically everyone else in your life. These horrific accusations can completely upend your life and cause damage from which you may never fully recover.

A malicious mother who wants to prevent you from seeing your kids can craft an intricate lie that can make a Child Protective Services (CPS) worker misconstrue innocent interactions with your children as something deviant or perverted.

Things like changing your baby’s diaper, dressing and bathing toddlers and even having your kids sit on your lap or give good night kisses can be misinterpreted.

Accusations of domestic violence

Couples fight, especially right before they split up or when they are in the process of divorce. Actions you take at this time are particularly susceptible to being used against you. Your ex may even engage the children to bear false witness against you by manipulating their minds and memories.

For instance, suppose you slammed a door in anger or threw a book across the room out of utter frustration. Your soon-to-be ex-spouse could magnify that incident, as well as your children’s fear, into a full-blown example of your propensity for domestic violence.

On the basis of the two above examples, your rights to custody of or even visitation with your children could be severely curtailed. In these instances, it’s best to seek out legal counsel to thwart these efforts to strip you of your rights as a father.

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