Below are some good rules to follow during divorce:

1. Maintain good communication with your spouse and children.

2. Put your children’s welfare first. Never use your children as a weapon against your spouse.

3. Be sure your children have ample time with the other parent and keep to the visitation schedule.

4. Be flexible with visitation. You may need to adjust the visitation schedule from time to time.

5. Giving of yourself is more important than giving material things.

6. Don’t use your children as spies to report on your spouse.

7. Avoid arguments or confrontations with your spouse while dropping off or picking up the children and at other times when the children are present.

8. Don’t listen in on your children’s phone calls with the other parent.

 9. Don’t criticize the other parent in front of your children. Your children need both parents.

10. Talk to your lawyer before agreeing to a settlement.

11. Don’t physically or verbally abuse your spouse or children.

12. Don’t say anything to others that you do not want your spouse or the judge to hear.

13. Don’t go on a spending spree. Excessive spending by yourself or others may harm your case.

14. Don’t throw away financial records or other possible evidence.

15. Don’t try to hide evidence or assets.

16. Maintain your composure and sense of humor.

17. Keep your perspective and be rational.

18. Develop a budget which is reasonable and stick to it.

While divorce maybe stressful, it is not the end of the world. How you or your spouse feel will change as the case progresses. It is normal to experience stages of denial, anger, guilt, and depression. These stages will not occur in any particular order.